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Vortrag/Lecture/Conférence: Denise Merkle (Moncton)

mardi, 12 mars 2019

21.03.2019: "Colonization and Conquest in Canada: Various Roles Played by Translation and Interpretation"

Das Institut für Translationswissenschaft lädt zum Vortrag von

Denise Merkle (Moncton)

Colonization and Conquest in Canada: Various Roles Played by Translation and Interpretation

The earliest recorded contact between Canada’s Aboriginal peoples and European explorers is marked by tension, if not outright conflict, often resulting from miscommunication. For example, it is generally assumed that the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, meaning “village,” “settlement,” “land,” “cluster of dwellings” or “collection of huts,” depending on the source, was Eurocentrically understood by French colonizers to be the name of their country. While this example of interlinguistic miscommunication did not result in violence, other interlinguistic and intercultural exchanges did. This talk will trace key points of intercultural and interlinguistic tension and conflict from the arrival of French colonizers in the 16th century to 21st century post-residential schools, and the varied roles played by translation and interpretation – or the refusal to translate. The examples will be drawn from encounters not only between French- and English-speaking settlers and Aboriginal peoples, but also between Canada’s English and French communities.

Denise Merkle is professor of translation at the Université de Moncton, Canada. She publishes broadly on censorship, minority languages and translation, using a psycho-sociological and historical approach.


Zeit: Donnerstag, 21.03.2019, 18:30 Uhr

Ort: Institut für Translationswissenschaft, SU 0.008, Merangasse 70, EG


Studierende dolmetschen zu Übungszwecken


Eine Vortragsreihe des Instituts für Translationswissenschaft organisiert von Philipp Hofeneder und Rafael Schögler.

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